Business Transactions: Advisory and Valuation Opinions

Business Transactions:
Advisory and Valuation Opinions

Our track record over 37 years is distinguished in that we have provided business valuation services in transactions encompassing a wide range of market size and structural complexity, from the sale or purchase of small, closely held businesses to corporate mergers and acquisitions involving privately-held and publicly traded companies valued at several billion dollars.

With respect to business transactions, our services include:

  • Financial advice to potential buyers, including projections of the target’s future cash flow, determination of investment risk/return requirements, and optimal capital structure. Complete business enterprise valuations in establishing an offering price.
  • Financial advice to potential sellers with respect to establishing a reasonable range of value for the business; acquisition prices and multiples paid for comparable businesses. Comprehensive valuation reports for the review and scrutiny of potential buyers and other transaction participants.
  • Financial advice and valuations for venture capital and other investment opportunities.
  • Solvency and Capital Adequacy Opinions for lenders, investors, and boards of directors.
  • Fairness Opinions for¬†boards of directors and other transaction participants.

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