Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

Disputes over the value of a business often occur among investors in closely held firms. In many instances, such disputes will result in litigation just as it does in the public markets.  We have provided services in several areas of litigation involving business valuation issues, including:

  • Dissenting Shareholder Actions
  • Economic Damages / Lost Profits
  • Corporate Restructurings and Reorganizations
  • Ad Valorem Taxation

With respect to ad valorem taxation, we have provided extensive valuation analysis and expert testimony in Tax Court of New Jersey involving litigation between major petroleum refiners and local townships.

PDR Valuation’s litigation support services can be a valuable asset in contributing to a successful settlement for our clients, and include the following:


Initial Assessment of the Valuation Aspects of the Case:


  • Assist attorneys with determining the applicable standard of value and relevant valuation date(s).
  • Provide a preliminary range of value for the business or business interest, allowing the client to assess the merits of potential litigation.


Research and Analysis, Business Valuations and Comprehensive Valuation Reports:


  • Analysis of general economic and industry specific factors and forecasts.
  • Research and analysis of comparative public and private transactions.
  • Working capital and intangible asset analysis and valuation.
  • Analysis and determination of appropriate required rates of return on the subject investment, discounts for lack of control, and discounts for lack of marketability.
  • Complete business valuations with a comprehensive valuation report when required.


Court Preparation and Expert Testimony:


  • Demonstrated expertise in working effectively with attorneys and other members of the professional team in court preparation.
  • Disciplined preparation for expert testimony.  Credible, concise and objective delivery in support of our valuation analyses and opinions.

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